Eminem Recalls Waking Up in Hospital Following Overdose

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What is it like to be called the “God of Rock”? Eminem and Lil Wayne can tell you, as they cover the November 2011 issue of GQ magazine focusing on the survivors of the rock star life, along with The Rolling Stones guitarist and icon Keith Richards.

In the coming issue, Eminem gets candid about his once overbearing drug addiction, sharing with quite the colorful language a scary situation. He told the magazine:

“I came to in the hospital and I didn’t know what the f*** happened. Tubes in me and s***, f***in’ needles in my arms. I didn’t realize I had [overdosed]. I wanted my drugs — get me the f*** outta there! I think I was clean for two weeks. I was trying so hard — I was trying to do it for my kids — but I just wasn’t ready.”

The “Lose Yourself” rapper also recalls what his experience was like in his short stint in rehab, recalling: 

“Every addict in rehab feels like everyone’s staring at them. With me? Everyone was staring at me. I could never be comfortable.”

He continued, telling GQ, “There were people there that treated me normal. Then there were a bunch of f***ing idiots who aren’t even concentrating on their own sobriety because they’re so worried about mine. They’re stealing my hats, my books — it was chaos. Everything was drama in there. And at the time, I didn’t really want to get clean. Everybody else wanted me to. And anyone will tell you: If you’re not ready, nothing is going to change you. Love, nothing.”

Meanwhile, Eminem just turned 39 on Monday and he says he’s now clean and sober. For more of Eminem’s interview, visit GQ.com, where they will also be featuring interviews from all of the pegged “Survivors” in the coming days. 

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