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90210 doll Jessica Lowndes has had quite the grueling last few seasons! She’s gone from being a drug addict to a lying pop star, and season 4 will not be easy either for Lowndes’ character Adrianna. Celebuzz chatted with Jessica about what’s in store, and why Tuesday’s episode is a special one.

You have had your hands full with Adrianna! How has the season been so far?
It’s been a lot of fun! It’s definitely been challenging because my character is trying to win back everyone’s trust, and then me as an actress is trying to gain back the viewer’s trust because my character took a really dark turn last year.

There have been a lot of sides to Adrianna. Do you like to play the bad girl, or the well-liked character?

I like playing a lot of different roles and being versatile. I’ve touched on so much as an actress and it’s so fun. We’re filming 9 months out of the year and I’ve been through drug addictions, pregnancies, being a lesbian, and experimenting with all of that. Then there’s the mean aspect, the dark character from last year and it was all very different for me. I’m not like my character in real life, and I think that’s kind of what’s fun about it. Every girl wants to be that bad girl at one point.

Since you don’t embody a lot of Adrianna’s traits in real life, is it hard to get inside her head at times?
Well, looking at her from the outside I can understand why she was the way she was. She was so fame driven and it all stems from giving a baby up for adoption, she was determined to be a success for all the wrong reasons. The one stable aspect of her life was Navid and when he left, her whole world crumbled and she obviously made some bad choices. This year she knows she has done wrong and its her number one goal to gain everyone’s trust back but most importantly Silver’s.

Do you think that we will see her redeem herself?
I think so. She’s genuinely sorry and really wants to regain everyone’s trust. You have Dixon who is kind of just taking her under his wing and they’re going to start bonding in the next few episodes. And Liam, it was a really big deal for her to tell him about Jane’s pregnancy. I think that kind of just won back his trust, and she’s slowly one by one getting to these people.

I hear that there is something special coming up in Tuesday’s episode…
Yes! This week my character sings a song which is actually one of my own songs called “Fool.” It’s my first single on iTunes. It’s my first solo one out and I’m just really excited. It works with the show too though, because it comes from a very truthful and genuine place for Adrianna, she’s not singing to be famous or get anything out of it. I think at the end it is definitely going to resonate with Silver.

Did you write it yourself or how did it all come about?
I’ve been working on my album for about a year and a half and the show was very supportive adding that in this year. I shot my first music video for my single on Sunday. I ‘m not allowed to say too much, but I’m really excited about it and I’ve been working really hard. I’ve been writing since I was 9 and singing since I was 3 so I’m excited for fans to hear what’s been going on behind doors!

In general what’s your inspiration for when you want to write a song?
It depends, at the beginning of this album I was going through a break up which definitely fueled a lot of inspiration, but I have a lot of different things as well. I have happy songs, songs that were originally poems, I’ve come up with things on the piano, so it’s always different. It’s so therapeutic. If I’m sad I literally feel like a million bucks after writing.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would you love to do a duet with?
I’m a huge fan of Bruno Mars. I also think Drake is so talented, there’s so many great musicians and I’m so open to any genre.

After 90210 do you think you’ll do more movies or music?
Both! I love telling stories and being creative. With acting, I’m telling someone else’s story which is challenging, and with music I’m telling my own which is also challenging. I’m very vulnerable about it and it’s kind of nerve-wracking because it’s just like ‘this is me and these are my thoughts.’ I love it all and there’s so much I would love to touch on and one day. I would love to do musical theater as well, that’s a dream.

Do any of your co-stars have aspirations to get musically involved also?
Tristan is an amazing singer and you’re going to hear some of his stuff this year as well. There might be a little Adriana\Dixon collaboration on the show coming up so I can’t wait for people to hear that!

Neither can we! Celebuzzers be sure to check out Jessica Lowndes’ first single “Fool” which is available on iTunes today. 90210 airs on the CW Tuesday’s at 8pm, so be sure to tune in!