Music with a Message: Megan & Liz Debut ‘Are You Happy Now?’ (VIDEO)

‘Rest of You’ by Megan & Liz
'Rest of You' by Megan & Liz
Watch Megan & Liz in their 'Rest of You' video. Watch »
M&L ‘Happy Never After’
Watch Megan & Liz in their ‘Happy Never After’ video. Watch »

October is anti-bullying month, and our favorite YouTube sensations Megan & Liz are hitting it hard with a powerful message in their new video.

The twin sisters have turned the video for their song "Are You Happy Now?" into a very touching mini movie -- with the help of director (and 90210 star) Shenae Grimes!

Dark-haired Megan plays an edgy, punk girl who is picked on by the pretty Liz and her friends, calling her a "freak" and even physically harassing her in the hallways at school. The tables are quickly turned, however. 

Liz learns firsthand how it feels to be on the receiving end of cruel taunts when she lands on the wrong side of a hot or not list -- sending her into a fit of tears that forces her to recognize the error of her ways.

Celebuzz had a behind-the-scenes exclusive on the set of the video, which filmed at Cathedral High School in Los Angeles and featured many of their local fans as extras. The girls revealed how the clothing (also styled by Shenae) helped with their roles.

If you like their threads, we're giving away a pair of shoes and the feather earrings worn in the video! Check out our exclusive giveaway HERE

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  • geztour

    Poem against bullying, I’m sorry Mum Monday What did you do with your lunch money? I’ve lost it Mum Do you realise How much you cost me? I’m sorry Mum Tuesday Where did you get this bruise? What bruise Mum? This bruise around your eye? We were playing football I’m sorry Mum Wednesday What happened to your shirt? I fell down Mum Again! You clumsy kid! Go to your room! I’m sorry Mum Sunday At school they don’t like me You never want to know Mum You will be better off without me Goodbye, I can’t take any more I’m sorry Mum Le Prince de Monte Cristo

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    Very Good

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