Naomi Watts Offered ‘Chauvinistic’ & ‘Exploitive’ Role, Embraces Actor’s Right to Choose

Naomi's Bike Ride
Naomi Watts & Liev Schreiber's tandem bike ride.
Naomi Watts was honored at Elle’s Women in Hollywood event Monday night, and her acceptance speech was one of our favorites. Naomi embraced the girl-power sentiment in the room and played out a call she had with her agent recently.

Suffice to say Naomi can tell it best, so we will let her:

“It was Mulholand Drive that introduced me to big success. The big part of that success to me is choice- in every profession…speaking of choices, it was just the other day my agent called me and I was thrilled, delighted to hear I had been offered my full quote for the first time in nearly five years,” Watts told the audience. “Finally restored to the tax bracket of my mid thirties! Then I read the script…”

Continued Naomi:

“It was probably the most chauvinistic, exploitive, badly written, steaming pile of crap. Nonetheless I would be given back all my studio muscle provided I used it to beat another woman senseless and get so turned on by that thrashing that I would have to have urgent sex with my 60 year old male costar whose buttox were to be played by a gymnast. I’m still deciding whether or not I should take that job.”

Watts, who looked stunning in a nude Calvin Klein dress, wrapped up and gave her family a special shout out.

“So what? Big deal, men have it easier,” Watts said. “My career didn’t teach me that, child birth did! I would like to conclude by thanking the three wonderful men in my life. My two sons and my partner Liev [Schreiber].”

You tell ‘em Naomi!

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