Viola Davis Reacts to Julia Roberts’ Remarks, Brings Elle Crowd to Their Feet

Viola Talks 'Help'
Oscar winner dishes on new film
Viola Davis brought the crowd to their feet Monday night at Elle’s Women in Hollywood event when accepting her award, and Viola’s speech was definitely standing ovation worthy. Before we get to that, Celebuzz chatted with Davis about the kind words Julia Roberts had to say about her.

There is a remake in the works of Steel Magnolia’s with an all-black cast, and Julia told E! News that she approves, but says Viola needs to be in it.

“Oh Julia! That’s the first time I heard that,” Davis reacted with a genuine and surprised smile. “That woman is truly remarkable. Oh man, that is great. I would want the Sally Field role.”

Somehow we think the Oscar nominee, who is likely to nab another nomination this year for her work in The Help, may not have time for the Lifetime reboot. Still, Viola stressed to the star-studded crowd Monday the importance of roles for colored women:

“What keeps me in the business is hope, and that’s the hope that women of color are also part of the narrative…I’m sending a telepathic message to you: Every time some young actress of color comes in a room with a character they’re auditioning for that’s not ethnically specific, that you have a space in your brain that can open up and embrace them and allow them in, because I’m telling you, their lives are just as fascinating and multifaceted.”

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