Cause Creative Space: Exclusive Look at Malin Akerman Supporting Movember (VIDEO)

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Welcome to Celebuzz‘s latest feature, Cause Creative Space. We teamed up with the folks behind Avan Jogia‘s Straight But Not Narrow campaign to give you an inside look at how the Movember movement raises awareness for prostate cancer.

So, why do guys grow hair on their faces, and girls don’t? Ever thought about it? It’s kinda weird, right? The sad part is that women have to miss out on the sculptural masterpieces that guys are able to create with just a simple razor.

With the magic of the moustache in mind, we introduce you to literally one of the coolest causes we have ever seen, Movember. Guys, called Mo’ Bros, agree to grow a moustache for the whole month of November to raise awareness and money for men’s cancer research — you know, all those “below the belt” issues.

We were hanging out on set while they were filming some new promotion videos for this Movember season, and we get to give you an exclusive first look at a new video featuring Malin Akerman (The Proposal, Watchmen, 27 Dresses, and the upcoming Rock of Ages).

Just to name a few of our own favorite mustache looks: handle bar, Dali, Mexican, English, Horseshoe, Fu Manchu (our personal favorite), Chevron, pencil , toothbrush. And for you younger Mo’ Bros, peach fuzz works just as well. Or you can always just fill it in with Sharpie — people will start calling you Sir. It’ll be awesome.

And ladies — maybe you don’t like kissing guys with facial hair, but we ask you to make an exception for just one month. It’ll be worth it. Plus, Movember can always use some Mo’ Sistas to help support the cause.

Men of the world — give those razors some time off, and put those hairy faces to good use, and go register a Movember team and help keep guys healthy.