Celebuzz Talks to the Backstreet Boys’ Howie D: Going Solo!

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The Celebuzz staff squealed like little school girls when we had the chance to talk to teen heartthrob Howie D of the Backstreet Boys!

After a hugely successful tour with New Kids On The Block, a more mature Howie is breaking out on his own with his solo debut, Back to Me.

He’s also a proud poppa, and talks about how he’s passing his legacy onto his son — and his hopes to add to his brood! 

Looking back, do you have any fashion regrets from the past?
[Laughs] I’m sure that everybody has seen all of them. With all of the clothes, fashions, hairstyles, it’s like looking in an old yearbook and saying “god, what was I thinking?” At the time, it felt right but as I’m getting older, I’m hoping that like wine, I’m getting better with age. I also hope that as I age, I’ll be able to look past those choices.

Tell us about the album?
I initially started the process about five years ago. I wanted go in a direction completely different from BSB and explore my Latin roots since my mother is Puerto Rican. I worked on this project during downtime of the reunion tour.

How would you compare the sounds to BSB?
This album has traces of his Backstreet roots and ballads combined with some more poppy Euro-dace material. It’s similar to Taio Cruz, Usher and David Guetta.

Did you make it a point to separate yourself from BSB?
Even though we were always experimenting and trying to push the envelope for each record, we always tried to fit the mold that we made for ourselves and that our fans know us for, so with that, we have parameters that have to stick around. With this being my first solo project, I really had the chance to take my time and make the right record that I wanted to present to the world.

Do you still take voice lessons?
I feel that you’re never too old to learn. Even before we went out as the Backstreet Boys, we had a vocal coach who we brought out with us. You’re voice is a muscle and like any other muscle in your body, you have to keep it trained.

Do you play instruments as well?
As a little kid, my mother put a lot of money into me learning a lot of instruments. Unfortunately, I never learned one instrument enough to play it proficiently. Thank god the voice lessons took off for me (laughs). Now, I encourage my son to get into as much music as he can.

Any plans to give your son a brother or sister?
My son is two but we have been talking about having more. I come from a family of five kids. We didn’t rush because we wanted to take our time with our son. Right now, we’re thinking that next year would be a good time for another.

Pre-order Back to Me on Howie D’s website.

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