'Gossip Girl' Kaylee Defer: I Have Two Engagement Rings! (PHOTOS)

Kaylee Defer may be cozying up to Chace Crawford in a few Gossip Girl scenes this season, but in reality, she's spoken for! Celebuzz got a chance to chat with the style-savvy actress who was eager to talk about her two-year engagement and her ring bling!

While at the Denim Habit NYC Grand Opening on Tuesday night (also in attendance, Emma Roberts), Kaylee gushed about fiance Mike Pereira, but admitted that no wedding date has been set.

"We had a date and then I booked Gossip Girl and then it was really impossible to plan the wedding in LA from NY. So we kind of put a hold on it for the time being and then once things settle down I’ll get back into bridezilla mode."
Kaylee is doubly devoted to her man, revealing that she wears not one, but two engagement rings! Michael is starting up a jewelry line called Michael Raymond Designs. 

"This one was his mom’s and this one he designed for me (simple gold band with a diamond)."
But what's going on with her Gossip Girl character Charlie on the relationship front?! Kaylee reveals that Charlie is also in love!
"You know, she just falls in love with the van der Woodsens and they’re family to her. I think that she is struggling with the reality that they’re not really family."

As for whose closet she'd raid if given the choice of gossip girls, Kaylee reveals: "Definitely Serena’s (Blake Lively). It’s amazing. Although Blair’s (Leighton Meester) [wardrobe] is so much more involved. Serena’s is much more effortless, which is more my route."

Her advice for those looking to dress like her peers on the Upper East Side, Kaylee advised, "Always dress for yourself. Don’t dress for other people. Don’t try to squeeze into something that doesn’t fit because it’ll only make you look worse and feel worse." Whose Gossip Girl character's closet would you raid if given the chance? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Ashley

    I would raid Serenas closet for sure. Blairs is amazing but I agree that Serenas is more effortless and I love that. I also agree that Kaylee Defer should very in more things. Shes beautiful and a great actress.

  • danielleakame

    um but why?

  • James Goldman
    James Goldman

    Kaylee Defer is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. I hope she does more mainstream movies from now on and begins her ascension to the A-list.

  • kodsw

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