Halloween Hottie: JWoww Flaunts Bod in Futuristic Costume (PHOTOS)

From reality TV siren to beauty designer to entrepreneur, JWoww is adding more projects to her busy career outside the Jersey Shore. In addition to her personalized skin-care and fragrance line, JWoww recently teamed up with Swedish vodka company, SVEDKA, to portray their "SVEDKA_GRL" spokesbot for Halloween.

SVEDKA_GRL is the sexy, futuristic ambassador for the company during the spookiest time of the year, so it was only fitting that the Jersey Shore star was chosen to show off her rocking figure in a black, white and blue body-hugging jumpsuit.

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JWoww couldn't help share her excitement on Twitter:

"Trying on the @Rickys_Nyc #SVEDKA_GRL Halloween Costume. I look like a sexy fembot. Going to rock it to my girl's party!"
The "Trick or Treat" spirit caught on while JWoww was fitted for her sexy ensemble -- she brought along and dressed up her two dogs, Bella and Noel, as a lady bug and bumblebee. Click through the gallery to check out for more of JWoww's costume.

In other JWoww news, the Jersey babe has launched her own website at JWOWW.com

Still confused about what to wear on Oct. 31? You too can be a flirtatious fembot like JWoww or you can click through the gallery below to get a few more ideas from our official celebrity costume guide.



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  • M

    Jenni .. you are beautiful no matter what you wear! ... you have a great heart too!

  • alalalalalalallaaaaa

    shes vodka girl Svedka Girl lmao!

  • Evan

    i think i see a camel toe!!!

  • Melii

    Looks good! rock that body girl :)

  • shannon

    She's not that great... id have a rocking bod too if I got huge fake boobs!

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer "COLOMBIA"

    Aww look at the dog! xd

  • Mitzie James Moser
  • Chris Servais
    Chris Servais

    Batman... I thinks its best not to look too deeply at why! http://flawlessfacts.com/

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Have no idea who is is anyway.

  • AlaBella

    I'll admit she has a great body to flaunt ... but man, she just has shitty taste in clothes

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  • sayimsha

    Jenni looks great! She works out like crazy & its definitely paying off! Go Jenni!

  • Lisa3

    She's hot! There's more photos of her half naked at CELEBUR.COM

  • Lisa

    She is sexy! There's photos of her half naked posted at

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  • Noah

    Cute sweater puppies.

  • watta fluk
    watta fluk

    Thats hot

  • watta fluk
    watta fluk

    X 2

  • firstName

    Would bang

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