Jennifer Lopez Coy on Dating Bradley Cooper, Puts Kids First

Single Bradley!
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Jennifer Lopez is one coy mother! The superstar has been spending time with A-List hunk Bradley Cooper, and when asked by Entertainment Tonight about her current relationship status she dodged the question on behalf of her kids:

“As a mom, and having children, right now they're my first priority. And because of them, I wouldn't ever comment on anything until I'm in a serious relationship again. It would just be confusing for them and it would be unfair. And so at the end of the day, it's about them.”

Lopez is typically not shy about expressing her happiness in new relationships. So will it get serious with Cooper? According to Us Weekly, that's a possibility.

The tabloid says that Cooper has been hard core courting her since their initial dinner. The two then spent this past weekend together.

Jennifer and Bradley certainly make one steamy couple! Right?



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  • Ted Whalen
    Ted Whalen

    Hes another one on the list in Hollywood know as a Womenizer and user of women.You think these women would know this ,maybe they do.For once I would like to see one of these ladies go out with a truck driver or laborer.

  • kamipj786

    Bradly Cooper deserves much much much better then J.Lo

  • sayimsha

    If they are dating, good for them, they BOTH upgraded! Bradley is way hotter than Marc Anthony & J.Lo is WAY better looking than Renee Zellwegger.