Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Have Dinner At STK in NYC (PHOTOS)

Ah, married life!

Though their height different was more than apparent, newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries were on the same level, happiness-wise, Tuesday night as they left the delicious STK Restaurant in New York City.

Kim looked stunning in a belted dress and knee-length suede boots, while hubby Kris looked dapper in a gray blazer and white shirt. Together, they completed their look with some Aww!-inducing matching smiles.

What do you think of Kim and Kris' look? Sound off in the comments now.



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  • dannyboooooo!!!!!

    happy b-day kimmy the23 of oct. is mine p.s. happy b-day

  • K

    Love you Kim! Actually that's my name too! ") I'm a kardashian fan & to the commenter above: your grammar is horrible & why do you feel the need to write a paragraph on why you don't like Kim & blah blah blah. This is her story & you felt the need to navigate to it. No one told you to read it. (owned)

  • cinder

    who cares about these fake &phoney money grubbers and you people fall for it. I won't let my teens watch them as they are not good role medels for are youth!! I know mature people who have a life will not watch them , there is too many important things going on in life than the phoney kardashian family and we are all sick of it. They do not act or contribute to society and kim is a porno star!! nuff said their 15 minutes are way over!!

  • pier04224849


  • missunderstood

    So Cute...!

  • msvegas2005

    Kris is laughing all the way to the Kardashian BANK!,lol.....JACKPOT

  • msvegas2005

    Kris is laughing all the way to the Kardashian BANK,lol....jackpot!

  • Eve

    Both luk grt and cute, i luv their pairs.