Lindsay Lohan Handcuffed After Judge Revokes Probation (PHOTOS)

Lindsay's Bikini Time
Lohan's summer vacation with the family.
UPDATE: A judge has revoked Lindsay Lohan’s probation and placed her under arrest following a violation of her probation, and she was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs with bail set at $100,000. Her bail has been posted and Lindsay was released. 

“I am revoking her probation. I am also setting bail at $100,000. If Miss Lohan bails out … [she must complete] a minimum of sixteen hours at the morgue. That’s two days a week before now and the hearing date,” Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lindsay after repeatedly scolding her for missing her community service obligations. The next hearing date is scheduled for Nov. 2.

A little more than an hour after being handcuffed and taken into custody, Lohan posted bail and was released.

“There has been violation after violation. She’s been doing this a long time, I’ve been doing this a long time … Probation is a gift. It’s not a right,” the Judge told her.

Lohan arrived to the courthouse once again on Wednesday in a white scarf and white dress, where her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley argued that Lindsay should be considered like every other person — and not a high-profile celebrity — when it comes to any possible punishment thrown her way. Holley said that while Lohan may not have fulfilled certain requirements of her probation, she did indeed fulfill her mandatory shoplifting courses and did all of the homework required.

Judge Sautner repeatedly chided Lohan for only completing a very minimal amount of hours over the past six months since she was handed the community service, to which Holley agreed, but defended Lohan saying: “She’s got six months to complete her sentence at the Downtown Women’s Center … She also has 120 hours to do at the morgue.”

Holley argued that Lohan had been out of the country for various modeling shoots, and therefore that led to her inability to complete the time.

Lindsay was terminated from the Downtown Women’s Center facility, where she was ordered to serve community service, after she frequently missed assigned days at the shelter.

Lohan was ordered to the new round of probation requirements in April, after a new round of probation violations stemming from a previous DWI case. She was sentenced to serve time at the Women’s Center as well as at the morgue, along with other courses. She was ordered to complete them in a timely manner, which the judge repeatedly said Lohan was not doing.