Selena Gomez Duets With Foul-Mouthed Alter-Ego In Extended EMA Promo (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez goes for big laughs - and gets them - in the latest promo for the 2011 MTV EMAs, in which we get an extended look at her fast-talking, censor-happy alter-ego.

Indeed, the clip gives us a rare look at the normally squeaky-clean Disney pop princess, who in the video raps so well, so quickly, she may want to consider doing it more regularly. (Memo to Nicki Minaj: Watch your back!)

SelGo is hosting the 2011 MTV EMAs, which will be held Sunday, Nov. 6 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Check out the fun - not to mention hilarious - extended clip now!



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  • Risy

    I like it! She is growing up and becoming mature! She can't stay 16 forever. Justin Bieber is growing u too and everyone will just have to deal with it. I am perfectly fine with it as long as she stays a good person and great girlfriend to Justin. P.S- You might not admit this but you know Justin Bieber liked the bra peeking out.

  • Wele

    it's dumb.

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  • Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN
    Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN

    Bad words aren't not the point in the video okay!

  • Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN
    Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN

    It's not lousy and dumb. u are. and don't bother commenting if u think it's "dumb" okay. If u don't like Selena u wouldn't press on this link. No one cares what u say be sides yourself okay. so, STFU and GTFO!!

  • Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN
    Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN

    No u dumb asss. it's not true. and mind ur own business she 19 she does what she wants.

  • Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN
    Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN

    No actually ur dumb. u wouldn't think of anything SMART like that dumb assss

  • Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN
    Jelena,Demi,Miley FaN

    fxck all u haters, okay, she so cute, and awesome. I love the video. And I Defend the one I love! I am a gr8 fan or Jelena. All u haters suck it. ur just jealous of selena. like that picture of justin holding selena in the water and kissing her and stuff like that. Doesn't make her a slut and btw, if he was dating u. You would want to do everything that selena is doing. okay! and it's just a fricken video doesn't mean it's true. I believe the lyrics are true tho. and yeah TRUE JUSTIN OR SELENA OR BOTH FANS WOULD BE HAPPY FOR THEM TOGETHER! and she isn't a wanna be. It's not a bad influence stupid noah. and christine is not lousy and dumb. F u. cun't wh're

  • chrystal

    omg shes ridiculous shes a wanna b nicki and she borrowed justins clothes... lol n y she acting gangster u c i love nicki she has so many alter egos its nice cus shes not a fake wanna b all of a sudden nicki comes out wit alter egos and everybody has em... hmmm dnt like it dnt like her hmmm not da business at all... :-P

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    GEt iT FiXEd ....

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    hmmmm, can you guys get the CHROME/Firefox issue that plagues me w/ having to change browsers to view your vids /: k, thanx

  • Maddie


  • Mike Fulton
    Mike Fulton

    If there's no uncensored version, what's the point?

  • christine

    lameeee!so lousyyyyyy

  • o0simon0o

    Oh my god, it's amazing. I love her she's hilarious !

  • HannahB

    She really thinks she is an amazing rapper! I dont like her much after this. She looks stunning though x

  • Noah

    That Bieber chick she's been hanging out with seems like a bad influence.

  • Bo

    hahaha this is just g-e-n-i-u-s