Which Three Stars Made Emma Stone So Star Struck She Cried?

Emma's Hot Pink Kicks!
Emma Stone sports some bright heels.
As if we needed another reason to love her.

While many celebrities are used to people getting mesmorized around them, Emma Stone has admitted that there are no less than three people that she has most definitely lost her cool around. So much so, that she began to cry just by being in their presence!

So, which three stars had Emma, well, seeing stars?

The 22-year-old Crazy, Stupid, Love actress spilled to Britain’s Stylist magazine (via Cambio) that being around Almost Famous director Cameron Crowe, Saturday Night Live showrunner Lorne Michaels and actor Tom Hanks (on three seperate occasions) were just too much for her to handle.

EmSto said:

“I zen myself up these days, and I’ve got pretty good at it. The only time I flip out is when I’m not prepared. If I’m caught off guard, I can’t help it; I start gasping for air. I’ve actually cried in front of three people because I was so blown away to be in their presence: Cameron Crowe, Lorne Michaels and Tom Hanks. Hanks didn’t see, thank goodness. I turned and rushed away, and he’ll only know about it if he reads this interview. However, with Cameron Crowe, I cried right in front of him whilst shaking his hand. How embarrassing.”

Aw! That only makes us love her more.

And we hope she got the whole “crying around Lorne Michaels” thing down, because she is set to host SNL in November! We can’t wait.

Is there an ultimate celeb sighting that would make YOU cry? Let us know in the comments!