‘American Idol’ Winner Scotty McCreery Has National Anthem Flub! (VIDEO)

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It may not have been his fault, but Scotty McCreery has joined a long list of stars to experience a “Star-Spangled Banner” flub.

The American Idol winner (whose album debuted at no.1 this week) took the field before Game One of the World Series in St. Louis to sing the National Anthem. Trouble was, while his lips moved none of his words could be heard. It was like the opposite of lip-synching, basically.

If you listen really close, you can actually hear him singing, but his microphone is clearly turned off.

After a moment — and a quick camera pan — they gave him a do over.

Scotty then belted out a perfect rendition. What’s more impressive, he did it a cappella!

After his performance, he said:

“As Mr, George Strait would say, I wasn’t here for a long time, but I was here for a good time! Great time in St. Louis yesterday!”

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