Ashton Kutcher Addresses Honesty in Media Amid Cheating & Divorce Rumors (VIDEO)


Ashton Kutcher is finally opening up about the rumors and accusations that he was unfaithful to Demi Moore ... sort of. In a roundabout way, the Two and a Half Men star addressed the reports by lashing out at the media and the honesty behind the stories that are put out into society. 

In a video on his channel, Ashton described the post as: "A brief commentary on the status of integrity of media and literature. Honesty in publishing has become the sole responsibility of the creator. Or should I say "soul"..."

Tabloids have been having a field day speculating over Ashton's personal live, alleging that he and Demi are on the verge of divorce and a woman has even come out saying she slept with the actor. He said in the video, referring to social media and such: 

"We are our own editors and publishers and printers. ... People can bastardize the truth in any way, shape or form that they want. A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can leave someone’s lips.”
Who do you believe: the media or Ashton? Sound off in the comments and be sure to follow Celebuzz on TwitterTumblr and Facebook for more celebrity news and commentary. 


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  • h

    XD GOD I LOVE IT!!! I love it when someone keeps chastising someone else for the VERY thing they're doing!!! WAY TO SHOW ME SUPER SMART SUMMER!! Excellent show of "tolerance" on your part by initiating the conversation that you've met no one in the Midwest who isn't "dumb" or "arrogant" and that we don't read and our source of education comes primarily from TV. Every time you write anything down, you just look like a bigger hypocrite! :) Keep's awesome....and definitely showing just how educated you are....LMAO. Ok - first things first. Make sure you get into a good college. Start in an English CP course. Get a dictionary (we both know you'll need it!) and you might want to enter an introductory course in rhetoric to show you the mechanics of debate and why it's important to actually address things that were said instead of make a fallible argument like "GOD...I have the right to an opinion!" Next time stand behind the shitty things you say instead of punting after someone actually has a reaction to it and then proceeding to act like THEY misread it. I'm pretty sure that BS move makes you a teenager or a slow evolving young adult in your very very early 20's. Additionally, it was meant to be telling. So I'm grateful that's the ONE thing you me a little hope for you. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I said we spotted bullshit a mile away and we don't like to be kind to lofty people saying we're "dumb" or "arrogant" and I spotted

  • Summer

    WOW, lol! I wasn't bad mouthing you, or anyone you know, I just disagreed with what you said about the Midwest. I am allowed to have that opinion, what with me living in the Midwest and all. To get so offended that I dared to disagree with you that you'd actually stoop to name calling is absolutely hilarious and really telling. Thanks for proving to me that the Midwest is actually very intelligent and tolerant. You sure showed me. ;)

  • h

    Sorry your family has surrounded you with uneducated losers. That doesn't seem very bright on their/your part. By the way - if the Midwest is so entrenched in all things television and YOU are the gold standard of education (which Oregon is not) then why are you commenting about Ashton Kutcher on a celeb-blog rather than being super busy reading your annotated version of Walden or any number of Leo Tolstoy? Hypocrite: you are the definition when you chastise someone for being someone or doing something you are clearly committing to entirely in your own action and personal philosophy. So, yes, people in Iowa can still spot bull-sh*t a mile away...."Summer." XD

  • penna

    I knew it was all an act!!!!! The whole marriage was a farce from the beginning. What man wants to marry a woman old enough to be his mother? Come on! Demi protects her image so much. She wants to be seen as a sexy woman who can nab a younger man. Have you read the articles lately where she is being called pathetic and sad? Well, that's what she is - pathetic and sad (not to mention disgustung - she has threesomes with Ashton just to keep him) Of course Ashton is going to jump into bed with someone closer to his own age that he can relate to. Actually, they are all pathetic.

  • TerriLyn

    I'm just continually shocked at how the media immediately jumps to tales of divorce and separation at the merest hint of "infidelity". By many accounts Ashton and Demi were in an "open" relationship. (Same for Will and Jada Smith, but I digress.) In which case, *if* Demi is indeed seeking advice about divorce, the issues underlying the "case" would be less related to the infidelity and more related to any one of a million reasons that aren't public "dirty laundry". (Think of all the couples you know that divorced over issues such as money, children, attention or lack thereof, etc.) Seriously... everyone needs out of each other's bedrooms... (unless of course, you're there with purpose!)

  • Summer

    I live in the Midwest, too. Kansas. I moved out here from Oregon with my family a few years ago and I'm surprised by how dumb and arrogant people here are. I've never met anyone here who can name a book they've read or an opinion they have that doesn't come from television, so I have to wonder how great they are at spotting bullsh*t. I don't disagree with you (or agree with you, for that matter) about Ashton but holy crap. The talking up of the Midwest made me double take. Maybe it's different in your neck of the woods, who knows.

  • Jane

    I agree have you seen the interview?? I've seen it posted at CELEBUR.COM the video is still up i think.

  • H

    I'm from Iowa, I'm Ashton's age and close to Cedar Rapids. As Ashton knows, we spot bullsh*t a mile away here in the midwest and that's the primary reason he had to move out of the state because he couldn't get away with his lofty attitude and fairly obvious lies here, so he joined the ranks of people who make careers out of lying to each other as well as themselves. I rarely comment on the internet, but when I came across this link I had to laugh at how relevent he feels he is or ever was to believe in posting a clip of his self righteous judgement against the media. Dude, where's my integrity?!