Giuliana Rancic ‘Doing Well’ After Breast Cancer Surgery, Says Husband Bill Rancic

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Giuliana Rancic stunned the world when she announced Monday that she had breast cancer. Two days later, she had a double lumpectomy — and thankfully, the E! News host is “doing well” post-surgery. Her husband Bill Rancic appeared on the Today Show Thursday to update everyone on G’s progress, explaining:

“It was kind of a long day. There’s many steps in the process when you go through this. Because it was on both breasts, the morning started off with a two hour MRI where they had to put a guide wire in so the surgeon knew exactly what area to remove… We went into the surgery [which] lasted about two hours.”

Now Giuliana is recovering at home, with Bill by her side. “She’s a trooper. She pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and get the cancer out. She’s doing well at home and recovering,” he said. “I wish I could take some of the pain away.”

He added that Giuliana hopes to be back to work at E! News next week.

In Monday’s interview with Ann Curry, Giuliana said that during a recent round of talks to undergo a third round of IVF to get pregnant, a doctor told her that she needed to get a mammogram before he proceeded any further. Rancic said that she hadn’t thought about doing so until she was at least 40 (she’s currently 36), but that to move forward with the baby plan she would get the test.

“Through my attempt to get pregnant … we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer. It’s been a shock,” Rancic said, choking back tears and acknowledging that many fans would think her big announcement would be a pregnancy.

Just last week, Celebuzz chatted with Giuliana and husband Bill Rancic, who told us their quest for a baby was ongoing.

“Ultimately, our doctors say that they can get us pregnant. We’re going to one of the most successful IVF doctors in the world, and we believe in him. We’ll see what happens,” Bill told us, adding that adoption rumors aren’t true. “Adoption is still an option down the road, but right now, we’re going through IVF, and we believe we’re going to have a really good outcome. We have high hopes this time around.”