Penn Badgley Reveals His Choice For Hottest Hunk on ‘Gossip Girl’ (VIDEO)

Penn Badgley Semi-Shirtless!
Check out this 'Gossip Girl' guy's festival fashion!
Chace Locks Lips on Set
Chace Crawford films 'Gossip Girl.'
Ed Westwick in London
'Gossip Girl' guy suits up for National Movie Awards 2011 in London.
It’s the trickiest question any devoted Gossip Girl fan encounters: who’s the hottest actor on the show? Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford or Ed Westwick? Each GG heartthrob has his own definitive swoonworthy quality, that’s for sure—Penn’s smooth-talking voice, Chace’s gorgeous eyes and Ed’s bad boy demeanor.

Even Penn himself revealed his choice for hottest GG hunk!

When faced with the question during his appearance on Live! With Regis And Kelly on Wednesday, he showed no hesitation when revealing his answer:

“If there were to be one Gossip guy hunk, I think it probably would be Chace,” he joked.

Kelly Ripa said she and Regis Philbin were avidly on Team Penn, to which he replied:

“We can all be divided. I’m more of a Chace guy, really,” Penn said with a smile.

All three of the Gossip men receive equal attention when it comes to female fan hysteria, Penn added. He went on to reveal his craziest fan incident while shooting the show in NYC and discussed his latest film, Margin Call. The thriller revolves around an investment bank during the early stages of America’s economic crisis in 2008, and also features Kevin Spacey, Demi Moore and Zachary Quinto.

Click above to watch the rest of Penn’s interview and catch Margin Call when it hits theaters nationwide on Friday!