Suri Cruise Bundles Up in Cute Pink Puffy Coat (PHOTOS)

Not only is Suri Cruise ready for the falling temperatures in New York City, she's looking absolutely cute as a button (and friendly) in the process!

The always-adorable daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes was seen out and about with her nanny in New York City, and despite the fact that winter is still a good two months away, Suri was bundled up for the occasion in a pink parka. She even took some time to be friendly to photographers who were nearby, giving them a nice smile and wave as they captures shots of her cuteness.

Later in the day, Suri was spotted with Katie sporting the same coat while the two headed out to dinner. Earlier this month, the mommy-daughter duo was spotted in Pittsburgh, where Katie is currently filming for a movie.



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  • Vishal Bhalala
    Vishal Bhalala

    Suri Cruise's Face is Moon Eye is Brilliant or very Sweet baby . So i like

  • Lulu

    U tell 'em Michele, I'm sure your life is perfect.

  • Michele Wilbers
    Michele Wilbers

    Her parents are ridiculous or probably "really immature".. She has a coat on to keep her upper body warm, yet she isn't wearing any clothes from her backside down. Holmes gets dressed warm and then lets her daughter come out like this. Also, shouldn't this child, at 5 years old - be attending Kindergarten? Instead of traveling all over the country , maybe she should be in school.


    Where are this child's parents? Do they just let her wear whatever she wants? She looks ridiculous, no tights on under that dress or pants and then summer shoes. If her idiot parents don't take conrol they will have another Lindsey Lohan on their hands!!

  • Lauren

    I thought it was tom that was filming in pittsburgh. hes filming one shot in pittsburgh!!!

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    She's very pretty.

  • sayimsha

    If it is cold enough for her to be wearing that coat, it is cold enough for her to be wearing some pants! SMH. Way to go Katie!