Trevor Donovan Goes Shirtless, Plays With Puppy on ‘90210’ Set (PHOTOS)

Bikini Time on '90210'
AnnaLynne McCord films in sexy swimsuit.
A hot, shirtless guy holding a little dog, what more do you want from a photo?! Trevor Donovan was spotted sitting outside his trailer on Wednesday cuddling with his adorable pooch Tito. 

Following his bonding time with man’s best friend, Trevor then had to head to the 90210 set on a Los Angeles beach. The super-sexy actor put on a pair of green summer shorts and T-shirt that read “Montauk Yacht Club.” 

Trevor is pretty taken with his little pup, as this tweet proves: 

“My dog could have just asked for some butter instead of eating the whole stick……piglet.”

It was announced this past June that Trevor will not be returning to 90210 after this season so get a good look while you can!

“I look back on getting this real-life story line as a blessing,” Donovan, who joined the show in 2009, told “To be able to simultaneously take on a challenging role and bring awareness to a relevant social issue was a win-win for me. I’m looking forward to what opportunities and adventures lie ahead.”