Yay or Nay: Katherine Heigl’s Beige Poncho (PHOTOS)

Fall weather has slowly rolled in to LA, and Katherine Heigl busted out her best poncho while filling up her tank on Thursday.

Although the top of of Katherine's outfit is somewhat questionable, we like that she kept things sexy by sporting some shorts and animal print booties.

We wonder what KH's new bestie would think of this look.

The former Grey's Anatomy star told Celebuzz on Monday that while she was on the road with her musician hubby Josh Kelley, she became pretty chummy with Taylor Swift! Katherine said:

"I adore that girl. I was so excited to meet her! I tried to keep it cool but after chatting for only 20 minutes I was like ‘we’re best friends now!’ She is so sweet and down to earth.”
We bet Tay would totally rock this outfit.

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  • danielleakame

    no i dont like it at all and on a side note it has been like 85 in LA so idk why she is wearing it...come on

  • Chai

    I love her,and the dress looked good bec. she wore them,;D

  • Vivii


  • Russ Love
    Russ Love

    Naaaaaaaayy!!!!!!!!! What...was she thinking? That Poncho is gross. I don't care who made it. Then to wear it with short shorts and high leopard print heels...UGH!

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Sorry, don't like it. Looks like she's wearing a giant Stingray.