Fansites Wish Kim Kardashian a Happy Birthday!

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To make Kim Kardashian’s birthday extra fab this year, Celebuzz decided to get in contact with some of the most dedicated Kim fansites that have been supporting the DASH fashionista from the beginning. Kim’s got millions of supporters and fans across the globe, and the ones who take the time to dedicate websites to her are a huge part of the reason.

So, what do some of her biggest fansite editors want to say to her on her 31st birthday?


Dear Kim,

Happy 31st Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day celebrating with your friends, family and hubby! I wish you a wonderful year ahead filled with lots of joy, love, and happiness.

You know I’ve been a fan since the very beginning before ‘Keeping Up’ was even on air. I have enjoyed following your career and admire you for all that you have achieved. You’re an inspiration and I’m proud to be a fan!  I also want to take this opportunity to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all the love and support you have given I appreciate it so much!

Have a fab day!!




A huge happy birthday to you Kim!

You celebrated a landmark birthday last year when you turned the fabulous 30! How amazing is it that within the space of a year, your life has changed so much? …and for the better I must add!

You have a wonderful new life ahead of you with Kris, your new husband and endless opportunities! You are a kind, lovely, genuine person who appreciates her fans and whose fans love and adore you in return. It’s a privilege to have had the opportunity to communicate with you, blurring that line between a celebrity and fan.

Happy Birthday Doll!

Lots of love,

Chris, admin of KimKardashianWeb


From &

Dear Kim,

From sitting on the outside, looking in and following your life, the last year has been absolutely amazing for you. You have not only moved your career forward with the various ventures you’re currently involved in (We LOVE the Kardashian Kollection) but your personal life has taken a sudden shift from where you were last year.

Last year you were taking a break from the dating world and were concentrating on having fun. This year, you’ll be spending your birthday with your dream man, your soul mate, and your husband. To think that he wasn’t in your life so prominently at this time last year is just impossible. Kris came in to your life and has truly made you happy, and from what the fans can see you’re happier than you have ever been. You had your fairytale wedding, you have your prince charming, and now we all hope that you have your forever and ever happy ending.

Happy Birthday Kim! You’ve come so far in just a year and we hope that you have a wonderfully special day. We look forward to whatever will come your way in the next year!

- Helen XOXO &

“The longest running fansite for the Kardashian Sisters!”


For Kim:

Kim, congratulations on your first birthday as a married woman! We send all of our blessings and wishes on this special day. Thank you for the joy you bring into our lives everyday.

We love you very much!

Cher &


Thanks for helping us out in celebrating Kim’s birthday, dolls. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM!