Ginnifer Goodwin Injured on ‘Once Upon a Time’ Set (PHOTOS)

Ginnifer Goodwin looked chic as she arrived at Good Morning America in New York City in Friday morning. Rocking her black pixie ‘do, the actress was all smiles as she met with fans and posed for photos.

She wore a black ruffled top and short plaid skirt paired with cute pumps as she went live on the morning show to promote her latest ABC show, Once Upon a Time. During the interview, she opened up about playing Snow White, but all eyes where on her finger cast. So what happened?

“This is my RoboCop finger. I had a bit of an accident on the set. I like to tell people I was jumping from horse to horse and a tiger got in the way, which is a bit of an exaggeration. The true story is a bit embarrassing,” she revealed, staying mum about how she really broke her finger.

Watch her full GMA interview below: