Ginnifer Goodwin Injured on 'Once Upon a Time' Set (PHOTOS)

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Ginnifer Goodwin looked chic as she arrived at Good Morning America in New York City in Friday morning. Rocking her black pixie 'do, the actress was all smiles as she met with fans and posed for photos.

She wore a black ruffled top and short plaid skirt paired with cute pumps as she went live on the morning show to promote her latest ABC show, Once Upon a Time. During the interview, she opened up about playing Snow White, but all eyes where on her finger cast. So what happened?

"This is my RoboCop finger. I had a bit of an accident on the set. I like to tell people I was jumping from horse to horse and a tiger got in the way, which is a bit of an exaggeration. The true story is a bit embarrassing," she revealed, staying mum about how she really broke her finger.

Watch her full GMA interview below:



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  • Travis

    Congrats! And AMEN on the fixing the blnaket. My kids are sooooooooo independent, except when it's the middle of the night and their blnaket just fell off their bed. For the love of Pete, just pick it up! Argh! Can you tell this frustrates me? ;-)

  • Alexey

    Hooray for democracy! Yay! And while we're at it Hooray for asses!! Woo-hoo!!EP, just FYI rarigdeng JLH: admittedly she's one of my personal favorites and the sole reason why my daughter's middle name is Love. She's got a great ass but it probably doesn't belong on this tournament, I just thought I would sneak it in there just in case there was another fanatic/stalker of hers in here. No harm no foul right? Does anyone else think it's great that we've all been constantly referring to these chicks' asses as their own separate entities? Worthy of their own pronouns and exclusive paragraphs? Personally, I could write an entire thesis on Kim K's badonkadonk (and yes, I went to Google to learn how to spell badonkadonk correctly).