‘Jersey Shore’ Finale: That’s One Troublesome Situation (VIDEO)

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Thursday night brought the end of yet another alcohol-fueled season of Jersey Shore, and while there were good times to be had, this season more than others had an inescapable vibe of tension between the roommmates — often because of none other than The Situation.

As the final moments of their time in Florence, Italy dwindled down, all of the roommates seemed to band together against Sitch, who in recent episodes not only instigated drama with nearly everyone in the house, but also distanced himself from everyone and started picking fights with strangers at clubs. The episode even ended with a vague threat from the self-anointed Scarface-quoting “bad guy.”

“I have no problem being the villain. I will take on the whole house at once. I’m loud and I don’t mind it. Some of the others just don’t like drama,” Mike said in a confessional as the episode came to a close.

Earlier, he was debating whether or not he’d be returning to the show once it made its way back to Jersey for the fifth season. He ultimately decided to, much to the dislike of everyone else in the house.

And, because you want to know what’s to come… check out a preview of Season 5 below and let us know in the comments what you thought of this season!