Kris Jenner: Happy Birthday My Angel!

Kim's Camel Ride
Kim & Kris ride camels in Dubai.
Happy Birthday Kim!!!

WOW, sometimes I still can’t believe you are all grown up and not my little girl with the ponytails and the fabulous and adorable personality who always wanted a Halloween party for her birthday!!

I still see you and your sisters playing dress up in my closet… I have the most amazing memories of you and will cherish them forever. But now that you are all grown up, I just want to tell you that I am so very proud of you.

I have never met anyone who works harder or is as committed to everything she wants to do as you are. You give 150% to everything you do! I am most proud of the person you are on the inside.

You are loving, generous, kind, compassionate and you have the biggest heart in the world! I love being on this journey with you and am sooooo blessed to have you as my daughter…

Kim I love and adore you and I cherish all the time we spend together.

Happy Birthday my angel,