Sarah Hyland & Matt Prokop Talk Maintaining an On & Off-Screen Romance (PHOTOS)

Sarah Hyland Loves Adele
Sarah says Adele's song saved her life!
Modern Family star Sarah Hyland and her High School Musical 3 beau Matt Prokop were in NYC this week to spread the word about their new Disney Channel movie, Geek Charming, and Celebuzz got them talking!

The TV movie is about Dylan (Sarah), the most popular girl at Los Angeles Woodlands Academy, who after a series of unfortunate events, gets caught up with the geekiest film nerd in her school, Josh (Matt). When Dylan agrees to star in Josh’s documentary, she starts to realize nerds can be cool too.

Matt and Sarah were at Times Square’s Planet Hollywood to donate a handbag from the movie to the restaurant’s huge collection of film memorabilia.  Celebuzz caught up with them to get the exclusive scoop on their on and offscreen romance.

The two met at the High School Musical 3 “mix-and-match” for screen tests and once Sarah moved to Los Angeles, where Matt was already living, they reconnected and have been dating ever since. So how did this cute couple get to star in a movie together? Call it luck! They were dating before they got cast so their on-screen chemistry was not hard to act out.

Check out Celebuzz’s interview below!

How do you like working with each other? 
Matt: “I like it. One thing a lot of people forget is yes, we’re actors. Yes, it’s glamorous. But it’s work and it’s stressful and when you have someone as close as you as your girlfriend or best friend—being able to work with them—it just makes it so much easier.” 

How do they feel about kissing other people on-screen?
Sarah: “I hate it. Nothing against them. I hate it though. But it comes along with the job.”

You two had the chance to meet the sexy True Blood, and real-life married couple, Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin. What was that like?
Matt: “They’re a married couple. They met on the show. Each week they get to have these amazing love scenes shot in HD Blu-ray quality.”
Sarah: “In the woods.”
(Both agree Stephen and Anna have “the best job in the world”.)

Sarah and Matt, you two are with each other so much, do you ever butt heads on anything?
Sarah: “Yeah. But what couple doesn’t?” 
Matt joked: “There are a lot of things that she has to go to and I’m just like—uh—do I have to go?” 

Sarah and Matt both have strong musical backgrounds. Sarah was in the movie remake of Annie (1999) and Matt sang in High School Musical 3.

As we all know, the Disney Channel can oftentimes work its “Disney Magic” to create music careers for their actors. Is that something either of you would be interested in?
Sarah: “It’s always been one of those things for me where if the role requires me to sing, for sure. Down. All the way. Musicals. Love them. Always have, always will. But coming out with an album and stuff? And sure. Who hasn’t been a 16-year-old crying, writing in their journal making up rhymes to a song for a breakup. Like, who hasn’t done that? Of course I’ve written songs of mine but do I remember them? No. Did I ever record them onto my iPhone? No. And I think I threw out those journals long ago.”

Matt: “If you look at it now, you can’t watch a single Disney or Nickelodeon show without the lead actors of the show singing the theme song. I miss the good old days when you had, like, Even Stevens … I think kids have lost their sense of reality. Now when they think of celebrities, they think singer. When I was growing up I admired actors. Seeing them play these characters, and now there aren’t even those characters to play.”

Geek Charming will debut the Disney Channel on November 11! Also in the works, the pair will be starring in Chris Colfer’s new film, Struck by Lightning, which will come out next year.