Olivia Wilde Brings Sexy Backless to ‘In Time’ Premiere (PHOTOS)

Olivia Without Make-Up
Olivia Wilde opts for a fresh-faced look in Hawaii.
Perhaps she was inspired by Justin Timberlake’s catchy tune “SexyBack,” because Olivia Wilde certainly flaunted hers when she hit the red carpet of her and JT’s new movie In Time.

From the front, Wilde’s dress seemed to be a fairly standard black get-up, but once she started spinning around, it was clear this was a stunner. With cutouts on the hips leading into an almost-entirely backless number. As photographers snapped away, Olivia was happy to do the much-repeated over-the-shoulder pose to show off her sexy dress choice.

Wilde stars opposite Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried in In Time, which is set in a time where people stop aging at the age of 25 and have to go to extremes to buy themselves more — yep, time.

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