Robert Pattinson Rocks Long Beard at LAX (PHOTOS)

The normally clean-cut Robert Pattinson was spotted looking super-scruffy this week as he arrived at LAX.

The Twilight hunk, who is scheduled to be in France  on Sunday for a Breaking Dawn fan event in Paris, was barely recognizable in a long beard, sunglasses and brown leather jacket, though just recognizable enough for cameras to take a few photos.

With less than a month before Breaking Dawn Part I opens, something tells us Robert won't stay scruffy very long.

What do you think about R-Pattz's beard? Is it totally hot? Or totally, well, not?

Check out photos of his LAX arrival in our gallery now.



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  • Amanda Calabrese
    Amanda Calabrese

    i like rob no matter how he looks..

  • obsessed

    Okay 4 years ago i had the biggest celeb crush on him.. but now seriously he just looks like a pale and crusty hobo. The beard just makes him santa

  • jenni

    well, enjoyed himself all this time in LA. Obviously he doesn't give a crap anymore about Kristen... She launched his career, and he's done with her. He deceived her, put her into embarassing position.. There is no English boyfriend I thought maybe things with them would change once Kristen finally confirmed they were a couple, but I was wrong, things have definately changed as it is clear they are no longer together. Rob seem's different since Toronto, well at least now maybe all his f'd up fans will leave Kristen alone

  • Jill

    Kate how sad you are. To tell someone to go die. You are a very sad person. If you dont like someone or you dont like how they look that is fine but to tell someone to go die you are very sick and full of hate. Please go get help for your condition and take your hate elsewhere. Celdbuzz tries very hard to be a hate free zone for all the celebrities it covers, it only says the truth with no slander. I suggest you go to Teds AT board, youd fit right in there.

  • Kate

    OMG this dude is so fucking gross, he looks like a homeless guy, go die already you loser!!!

  • oniszko2

    He looks so sexy, hot, georgous, but he lately he is looking very sad, not his usual happy go lucky self, I this is his first premier without Kristen I wonder if that could be bothering him, missing her. But I would love to see this guy naked. Huge junk in the trunk I think.

  • Kathy Kaur
    Kathy Kaur

    I love his beard. That is hot and fashion these days. He is looking cool in those shades but why is he wearing dark sunglasses inside the airport. I guess that is too fashion these days. Disclaimer that I won a sunglasses website at Fashion-world4u

  • Leave Rob-Alone
    Leave Rob-Alone

    Robert Pattinson - how dare you grow facial hair!

  • simplydiffer

    Mr. Mountain Man. For some reason, I think he's really hot with a beard. And this is from all angles. I'd hit that.

  • Lauren T.
    Lauren T.

    he looks like a puppy

  • nikkiramz03

    rob is still hot on his pics, but he looks like he is in his forties! maybe this will be his looks when he turns old! >:D


    he kinda got fatter but he still looks HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    he kinda got fatter but he still looks HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mika

    I'd still hit it, HARD.

  • Jaime

    No one knows where the dude was. He could have been in London, he could have not. That is why drives me crazy about both sides of the twilight star's fans. Both sides seem to think they know where each star is every single moment of every single day. Let them chill. So what if he was in LA the entire time, London, or even the south pole? He, and she, don't owe their fans anything in their free time...They just have to do red carpets, the occasional promo, and the interviews.

  • Cal

    Everyone was saying that he is in London up untill this very moment. But it looks like he was really in L.A. So many people make up tweets and others belive it its sad!

  • Love ya
    Love ya

    I love him but EWWW love ya rpatz but ya SHAVE ;-]

  • chris

    Totally hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • juno

    omg that's so fuckin hot i can't handle it, kristen is one lucky girl

  • nany

    is totally him and he is hot, no matter how he looks

  • Georgia Barnatt
    Georgia Barnatt

    Omg that looks gross :S

  • Meg

    Rob you got a haircut but didn't shave the beard :( I want to see the jawline, and his finally to see him :)

  • Paksiree Isa
    Paksiree Isa

    He leaving LAX actually.