KLS Beauty: Fresh Faced For Fall

Maybe it’s because of all the shoots I’ve been doing as of late for the launch of my Shinto Clinical skincare line, but I’ve been noticing an extreme resurgence of the ‘fresh faced’ look, which in my opinion is a welcome – and versatile – alternative to a bolder makeup strategy.

This technique allows your true beauty to shine through – day or night.

Your best fresh faced look starts with perfectly prepped skin. Makeup blends more easily when you wash first with a cleanser and cloth to gently exfoliate your face. Moisturize with a tinted lotion to even out skin tone. Because it’s sheer, you don’t have to match it to your skin exactly, as opposed to foundation.

Now time to cover up any visible breakouts or deep under eye circles with a pigment-rich concealer, like Chanel Long Lasting Corrective Concealer or for a lower cost high quality brand use L’Oreal Paris True Match. Powder if needed. If you have oily skin an oil absorbing powder will be your new best friend. (Note: If your skin is extra oily skip the tinted moisturizer altogether and go straight to concealer.)

Next pick a warm cheek color that gives the skin a subtle flush.

On to your eyes! Shading with a soft brownish tint enhances the eyes’ contours without showing up as a shadow. Choose a shade slightly darker than your skin tone. For evening and a slightly less bare look, lightly dot a soft gray or brown pencil between the top lashes.

Last but not least, Lips! To make that kisser kissable, choose a shade of lipstick that matches your lips exactly and apply with your finger rather than directly from the tube. Add a pop of lip gloss and you’re ready to go!