Ashley Tisdale Continues Her Bikini-Filled Weekend (PHOTOS)

One thing is for sure come Monday: Ashley Tisdale is going to have a pretty awesome tan thanks to her weekend full of poolside bikini relaxation.

Ashley was once again soaking up the sun in a two-piece bikini on Sunday in Miami -- though this time instead of the mismatched set she was spotted in earlier this weekend, Ashley opted for  a white top with patterend bikini bottoms. Other than a big pair of shades, Ashley was all skin, taking advantage of the Sunshine State's warm temperatures.

Tiz is in Miami visiting her boyfriend Scott Speer, who's in town directing the dance film Step Up 4. Ashley could hardly contain her excitement about the movie, saying on Twitter on Sunday: "Step up 4 is wrapped! So proud of my man and the cast and crew! It's gonna be amazing!!!"

Step will hit theaters in August of 2012.



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  • Josh

    DAMN! look at those boobies

  • jerseyboyfrom sarasota
    jerseyboyfrom sarasota

    another great pic people just need to give these people their space, boy how they are just pain in the a-xxx

  • nickp

    Ashley Tisdale is hot

  • AlaBella

    She'd look cute with a short bob

  • Mel

    she looks like she's going to take a dumb.

  • j

    lol at anyone that finds her attractive.

  • Merson

    Love Ashley Tisdale, very attractive and sexy.


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