Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene Hit Up 'Breaking Dawn' Parisian Premiere! (PHOTOS)

alice & edward!
Robert Pattinson & Ashley Greene at 'Breaking Dawn' Parisian Premiere
Breaking Down 'BD'
Breaking Down 'Breaking Dawn'
Celebuzz breaks down the wedding scene. Watch »

We're less than a month away from Breaking Dawn hitting theaters, and it looks like the Twilight stars are already hard at work promoting it!

A (somewhat) clean shaven Robert Pattinson and the always gorgeous Ashley Greene were seen at the film's premiere in the city of lights on Sunday, and posed for pics as throngs of screaming fans were close by.

While we love this combo, we have to ask, where is Kristen Stewart?!

K-Stew is still in London nursing a recent injury she got on set of Snow White and the Huntsman. But luckily, it won't halt production.

We don't know about you guys, but we can't wait for Breaking Dawn to hit theaters! Check out some stills from the movie (out November 18) below.



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  • shayna.lane

    visually i guess some may say rob and ash make a good couple, but I really don't see it he seems so free spirited and friendly while she gives off this vibe that shes better than you there personalities don't mesh you need more then looks to have a good relationship rob and kristen I love them together there so awkward but perfect for eachother. when I see kristen in interviews she may stutter and twitch but hey thats the real her and i respect that where as ashley seems to be acting the way other people expect her too. so to all you ash and rob couple lovers boo on you looks aren't everything. Rob and Kris seem very happy and I hope there one hollywood couple that survives!

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    they look cute but rob is with kristen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • simplydiffer

    I approve of this facial hair.

  • trish22

    Seriously, I don't know why anyone would even want them together. She seems like such a bitch towards him. The way she dissed him in the car when he tried to kiss her was almost embarassing. Not to mention, she's got way too much of a vulgar mouth. No class at all.

  • over it
    over it

    oh my god people!!!!!!!!! why does every single article or post have to spark an are they/aren't they war?! W.G.A.F?!?!

  • Didi

    really?? How do you know they have never broken up or taken a break? How do you know they dont fight behind closed doors? You dont know shit soo please stop making an ass of yourself.

  • Tracy

    Sorry. But that man is waaaaaaaaay above "average"!

  • trish22

    Some people are so delusional. He spent the whole past month in California doing nothing when he could have been in his own country near his family with his "girlfriend" doing nothing. It's so obvious they're not together. You people have to stop acting like them being together means something to your life. Get over it.

  • Christi

    I agree, very good looking man!!

  • n

    he is not a really good looking man he's just average

  • laarni

    Ashley is too flighty for Rob (my observation). Have you seen the interview she had with Allure magazine? I saw the TV interview with Rob and Ashley in Paris. I felt sad for him. Rob was not his usual vivacious, self-deprecating and humourous self. He looked so tired and seemed bored with the questions. He needs to go away and have a long vacation with lots of books and someone to share (hopefully it is Kristen), away from the media, to re-energise and find himself again.

  • oniszko2

    He is looking so Hot, sexy, and by the way Kristen and Robert are so together, for the long haul, there is no break up never was a break up he is madly in love with her, and of course she with him, how could you not be I mean just look how sexy and hot this guy is. He looks so grown up now, georgous

  • Cara

    oops not Taryn but Amanda now... well whatever Twi posts in Celebuzz trolls and haters come here.

  • Cara

    Obviously the same haters and nonstens are now patrolling Taryns posts. Get a life losers. Fact: Rob and Kristen is still a couple.

  • melissa

    all you haters need to shut the hell up rob is still with kristen i've had enough of all you making up bullshit get a life and stop hating on two people you don't know

  • lol

    yep here come the crazies from the awful truth board.

  • Hogwash

    Take off your delusional shipper glasses and look again. Rob's been on vacation in LA since he stopped working in July and except for 10 days when he went to his godson's christening, he can't be bothered to fly to the UK to visit Kristen. HE WASN'T THERE LAST WEEK. The tweets and stories were made up. He never left LA. His buddy Sam was with him last week and they were seen at Soho House the same time that Jon Hamm was there. He can't be in 2 places at once, and he hasn't been taking a 12 hour flight between LA and London every few days, he's too tanned and rested for that to have been going on. You can see he has no circles or bags under his eyes, he looks fantastic and happy. He's doing his job, and she's doing hers. I'm glad she's busy, she's the one who never smiles and doesn't know how to string words together properly to make a coherent sentence. Ashley is charming, poised and knows how to behave in public. You've never seen her flip the bird or swear, she's much better company for Rob, and they're having dinner together every night, too.

  • SacredCowHides

    I love when 9 year olds such as yourself can construct sentences. It's refreshing.

  • SacredCowHides

    Kristen also needs to look like she's not trying to take a dump in each one of her pictures.

  • lol

    she needs someone like that? who are you her mom?

  • SacredCowHides

    I saw Ashley Greene and first thought it was Kristen Stewart and I said , "OH WOW she's actually smiling and not looking like she's constipated" ... then realized it wasn't Kristen Stewart. Oh well.

  • SacredCowHides

    Fuck off turd.

  • kiki

    lol. were did you get info from.....ted casablancs board?

  • Can I have him? Please?
    Can I have him? Please?

    Oh my word, that is one beautiful man!

  • Mel

    Ok I probably will get hated by Twilight fans, But they would make a nice couple, Kristen needs someone more boyish and not so tall like Rob, like Daniel or Logan Lerman

  • May

    Creep, they have not broken up. Stop spreading stupid lies. Ashley looks like the cat who got the cream. Well 1st time she is queening it at any twilight event.

  • kamipj786

    Ahan ? and u personally know everyone in hollywood.. Dont take my comment in a wrong sense , thats just what i thought :) . no offence :]

  • auntpeggy7s

    So sorry, but yes they have broken up.

  • Brad Penney
    Brad Penney

    Does this means that RPatz and KStew are through? Break it to me gently.

  • Sam

    yesss! Ash and rob are soo hot together. I love them both. Such stunningly beautiful people!

  • Jack Easton
    Jack Easton

    Ashley Greene is lovely, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible.

  • oniszko2

    Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene look really hot together, he is so friggin handsome, I like the almost clean shaven look. Go getim Robert.

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......

    That was a really weird statement to make about people you don't know. Huh......

  • chris

    Cuties! <3

  • angel2317

    they both look so lovely waiting for the event videos =)

  • kamipj786

    Kristen Stewart makes this guy look like shit.. Ashley Greene and Robert looks so good togather. :)