Ashton Kutcher Goes Up Against Joe Manganiello on ‘Two and a Half Men’ (VIDEO)

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Aston Kutcher’s marriage woes aren’t just off camera, his new character on Two and a Half Men is also having some relationship troubles in the form of a 6’5″ gorgeous Italian man. 

True Blood hottie Joe Manganiello guest stars on the hit CBS show as Walden’s (Ashton) ex-wife Bridget’s (Judy Greer) handsome new beau. Joe plays Alex, an impressive, handsome and kind hearted plastic surgeon that Walden is not to thrilled to meet. 

“Did you hear about my giant penis?” Walden asks Alex in an attempt to one-up him. Will you be watching Joe’s debut on the show? Sound off in the comments and check out Men Monday nights on CBS. 

In addition to his TV parts, Joe has also landed a role in the highly anticipated male stripper movie Magic Mike. Check him out shooting shirtless in Tampa, FL in the photos below!