Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Spend Time Together in Boston (PHOTOS)

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were spotted leaving Ryan's apartment in Boston on Sunday, fueling more rumors that the Green Lantern co-stars are indeed dating. Sunday wasn't just any other day, it was Ryan's 35th birthday! Balloons and small dogs were even spotted in front of his Boston home. 

Blake did her best to hide from the paparazzi, covering her face with an oversized hat as she made her way outside. Ryan, meanwhile, was dressed similarly in a black leather jacket and pants. (How very Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux of them.)

Ryan is currently in Boston filming the upcoming movie RIPD, opposite Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges. Sunday also happened to be his 35th birthday. (For more on that, click here.)

What do you think? Are Blake and Ryan dating? Click through our gallery now and decide for yourself.



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  • Amanda

    She needs to get a life really!... Or maybe a career wud serve her well... She's trying some fame shortcuts thru some leading men.. Ryan deserves better

  • Cee Lo White
    Cee Lo White

    I hope Blake Lively finds love and happiness with someone her own age to settle down with. They’re probably just meeting to discuss ‘Green Lantern 2′. Only a couple of weeks ago, DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns said he is still hopeful for a sequel.