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Is there anything that feels better than smooth silk?

Kumi Kookoon is known for its fine silk products that range from loungewear to bedding collections that are ideal for those seeking comfort and luxury. Some of the most stylish celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna are already big fans of Kumi Kookoon accessories, and we're sure you will become one too!

Since winter is coming and the air is starting to feel cooler, Celebuzz is hooking a lucky reader up with a pair of silk slippers and and an eyemask (as shown above).

Here’s how to enter:

‘Like’ Celebuzz on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and let us know why you need the Kumi Kookoon Silk Items. PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaways ends on  Monday, October 31st at 9 AM ET.


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  • Jessi

    regarding Kim's tweet i am a breastfeeding mom, so took ofesnfe to her ew'ing about the mom breastfeeding at the restaurant. I do so all the time, however, I use a cover. BUT I definitely agree with her on the diaper thing. that IS unsanity & gross. I would never change my son's diaper on a table in a middle of a restaurant. That's just NOT OK. Take him outside to a bench or even the lobby of the restaurant, but NOT at the table. Gross.

  • Pauline

    I can understand being taken back when you see some woman's boob hinnagg out in the middle of a grocery store. I think there is a middle ground. You can breatfeed where ever you want, but be considerate and use a cover so those that are uncomfortable with nudity and over-exposure aren't offended AND you get to feed your child where ever you want.

  • Lisa Aukstinaitis
    Lisa Aukstinaitis

    Obviously these are gorgeous but I'm sure they will feel amazing on. I don't own any slippers but have wanted to get some for a while. These would be perfect.

  • dropastitch

    This eye mask is perfect because my husband keeps turning on the light in the middle of the night to read because HE can't sleep, which means I can't sleep!!!! Save me from the light!!!! The slippers look heavenly also

  • brookelyn michelle
    brookelyn michelle

    they are so stylish. I would wear them daily

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    They look so soft and comfortable!!!!

  • KH Bride
    KH Bride

    I loooove eye masks. I started sleeping with one when I was 12 and never looked back (no pun intended ;) haha)

  • zesiranjha

    me too lolz

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    I would love t win becuase I need to feel pampered this winter

  • rebeldegurl1991

    i would love to win this for my mom she just recently started working the third shift and she needs a good night sleep when she comes home at 6am.

  • zesiranjha

    These slippers are very nice. My mother is using it. massage envy houston

  • chelyea

    I would love these! My daughters always still my slippers, so if I were to win these, they would be MINE ONLY. lol

  • Erin-Lynn Salazar
    Erin-Lynn Salazar

    I would love the kks items because I hate wearing bare feet in my house so i always wear these red sandals everyday... for this cold season i could love something comfy and go to bed with a eye mask to make me sleep better in my freezing room thats even colder than outside! Thanks!

  • ilovekardashians44

    I need these Kumi Kookoon Silk Items because I really need some new bed-time attire! I would love to have this pair of slippers and the eyemask! They look so silky and comfy. Love it! - I already liked you on Facebook and already follow you on Twitter. Thank you! Good luck everyone!

  • ambermiller86

    I would LOVE these silk items!! Silk is SO SOFT and comfy. My feet sure could use those slippers.. they are sensitive and something that soft and comfy would be amazing for them! The eye masks would be GREAT for when I sleep because our bedroom lets in a lot of light early in the morning.

  • egood33

    These would probably be super comfy but they also look nice too!

  • Eva Quintero
    Eva Quintero

    Who wouldn't want a pair of luxurious slippers! They look so comfortable and soft. I totally want these! Also, the eye mask would be ideal for me, I have this window that let's in so much light! I can't go to sleep sometime because of the street lamp being so close and in the mornings it's a bit annoying to wake up with the sun on my face. So these things would be perfect!

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    mama needs something sexy...

  • fms1291

    These look so comfortable! My feet are always really cold so I would love a pair of these!

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    Because these look very comfortable to wear around the house