Jessica Simpson Has a Bump-y Arrival in NYC (PHOTOS)

Singer and fashion force Jessica Simpson has been dogging pregnancy rumors over recent weeks, and shots of her walking through New York City's JFK airport on Sunday are surely only going to fan the flames even further.

Jessica landed in the Big Apple sporting a military-inspired jacket that almost concealed what certainly appears to be a belly bump. Jessica briskly walked through the airport, staying as mum as her entire family has over the rumored pregnancy.

Rumors have been flying for about two months now, since Jessica postponed her marriage to Eric Johnson, claiming that the two had differing ideas as to what type of wedding they wanted and they were just trying to sort it out. Last week, reports claimed that Simpson was shopping her exclusive reveal around to magazines at the pricetag of $500,000, but given that her worth is estimated at around a half-billion dollars thanks to her fashion fortune, that seems a bit unlikely.



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  • frenchie

    Um it's actually Carla Bruni...

  • Ava

    Ooops cats out of the bag! For weeks Jessica's been " improvising" tops loosely- now bam all the world 2 c - is she doing a Frenchy? " Carla Bruney married 2 French Pres., never confirmed her pregnancy thru out the whole trimesters yet pictures confirm and voila a baby girl is born last week? Hmmm what Jess's dad think father of a preacher?? Not married ooops!! Mayb this is Jess's way of "pushing this marriage thing" 2 her boyfriend??? In all respect- concragys 2 Jessica & family on the future bundle :) looks like she's 5-6 month along for 1st time pregnancy?

  • Lisa

    What a we all, idiots?? She obviously a) pregnant b) wearing a fake baby bump..but why? Or c) she swallowed a VERY large pumpkin.

  • pearlysmed

    There is a bun in that oven!

  • Anonymous

    Jessica is a fat ugly cow.

  • Must-be-baby!

    If you picture her without the bump and the extra round face, she doesn't look that big. That's how my sis was when she was pregnant. And after she had the baby, the weight just fell off. Must be a baby!

  • she ain't talking
    she ain't talking

    She hasn't admitted anything, that's all the work of the tabloids right now. They claim to have sources, but Jessica is the only true source, and she ain't talking yet!!!

  • Why Stress Out
    Why Stress Out

    Getting in shape and losing weight before her wedding, those were just tabloid reports. They were jumping to conclusions, cause they heard about her working with trainer Tracy Anderson. "Rumors were flying that she was gym obsessed, making sure her body was perfect for the big wedding day." However, (according to, Jessica said this is old news." Working out was nothing new to her. “Yes, I am working out, but why is that worth any sorta press? I always take care of myself,” she Tweeted, “Eric and I could get married right now in sweats!”

  • lvberly

    What a nice comment, I seen sooo many nasty ones on so many other sites, that its always nice to read one like yours! Sometimes I find it hard to believe, that there are people in the internet-world who are able leave kind posts like that. And then one day you find one, gonna pray for you and yours Mitzie James Moser!

  • lvb

    I like the fact that she's not talking. Jess has said to many in the past, that she looked forward to being a mom someday. Maybe now she's feeling protective of her bump, and only feels safe sharing with the family right now. What bothers me, is that sooo many people want to force-her-hand, and "make her admit" that she is pregnant. "It's not up to you people," respect her rite to do that in her own way & time! If it is only weight gain, then there will be no baby. Which means no baby photo's to sell and nothing else to report on this so called pregnancy! Question (Bump or No Bump) answered!!!

  • Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro
    Tshimollo Mpye-De Níro

    Congrats to her!

  • lvb

    To all who assume, she hasn't confirmed anything, and I don't by tabloid reports. If she confirmed anything to them, she'd be telling everyone else too! You either can't hold it in at all or you wait till your ready, and only share with family first! So she must be keeping it in the family and enjoying the moment, let her be, and let her decide what she wants to say to everyone else later! Beyonce got to do it her way, telling family and friends, then sharing with the world when she was ready. Hillary Duff, did it her way, so let Jessica decide how she wants it all to go down. And if she chooses to sell photo's to a tabloid later, don't judge, soooooooooo many others have done it Waaaaay before her!

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Congratulations Jessica, you're a sweet girl. All the best to you, and your fiance with the baby coming.

  • danielleakame

    she is maybe 5 months in this photo. preggers! baybay!

  • just me
    just me

    She's already admitted being preggers. Where were you? bridhettex - the lame attempt to disguise the Paid Promo are pathetic. Quit texting me too.

  • Stacy Lauritzson
    Stacy Lauritzson

    you would have to be blind, or dumb, to not know that was a baby belly. Don't know who she thinks she is fooling..she has to be at least 7 or more months in this photo.

  • Cee Lo Gray
    Cee Lo Gray

    It is strange that she made all that fuss earlier this year about getting in shape and losing weight before her wedding then she got pregnant.

  • AlaBella

    Considering the size of her tummy, there's no way on earth there's no baby in there