Mariah Carey’s Twins Make TV Debut (PHOTOS)

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The most adorable offspring in Hollywood.
Mariah Carey and her hubby Nick Cannon have finally let the world see their twin six-month-old bundles of joy. The twins, son Moroccan and daughter Monroe (nicknamed Roc and Roe), made their television debut on 20/20 Friday night. Aww… aren’t they adorable?!

Speaking with Barbara Walters, the couple shared intimate details about their marriage and their struggle to conceive.

“I don’t think I understood the enormity and the magnitude of what it really does to your body. Carrying two babies. Unless somebody’s been through it, it’s difficult to understand what I went through, because my pregnancy was very unique in terms of what happened to me,” Carey said.

The couple welcomed “dem babies” on April 30, the day of their third wedding anniversary. Mariah revealed that her song “Fantasy” was playing in the delivery room when she gave birth.

“They came into the world to a live version, and the only reason I wanted it to be the live version is because I wanted them to hear the applause upon entering the world,” Mariah revealed.

Now the couple are enjoying family life and could not be happier. “My family gives me everything,” Cannon said. “Unconditional love means…the world to me. I mean, it’s completion.”

Following their interview, the family posted a few pics, one being the foursome dressed as The Incredibles! 

Watch the 20/20 interview below: