Matt Damon & Ben Affleck Slated To Collaborate On Another Film

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Ever since childhood friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck collaborated in 1997’s Good Will Hunting, their careers have really taken off!

They won Oscars in 1998 for Best Original Screenplay, which the duo wrote using a script Matt had made for a college class as its foundation. From there, Matt and Ben’s individual acting careers skyrocketed, and Ben become one of Warner Bros.’ leading directors, making Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo.

In a recent interview with GQ, Matt revealed that he and Ben are ready to collaborate for another big project! Ben will direct the film, which will be about former godfather of the Irish Mob, Whitney Bulger, who will be portrayed by Matt!

Will he portray a young version of the Bulger, one of “the coldest, most ruthless figures in the history of organized crime”, or will he portray the criminal as an aging fugitive?

“If it’s a straight biopic, we’ll do it over a period of time. But it’s always a question of what part of the story do you tell, and biopics are always a little cumbersome.”

Other producers, from Graham King to Twilight Saga star Peter Facinelli have expressed interest in the past in similar Bulger projects, so Matt and Ben are eager to announce theirs and attempt to ward off the competition.

“There are a couple of competing movies and I don’t think it’s been announced yet that we’re doing it. But the sooner it’s announced the better, just because everyone else will back off, hopefully. I’m really excited about it.”

Do you think Matt and Ben’s new collaboration will be as successful and career-boosting as Good Will Hunting? Sound off in the comments below!