Anderson Cooper Kind Of, Sort Of (But Not Really) Defends Courtney Stodden (VIDEO)

Courtney Stodden Pics!
Check out the 16-year-old bride.
Anderson's Giggle Fit
Cooper Says He’s ‘always giggled like a schoolgirl.'
Just days after she was thrown out of a pumpkin patch for alleged inappropriate behavior, Courtney Stodden has received a little “support” from the unlikeliest of people: esteemed CNN journalist Anderson Cooper.

Cooper profiled the incident on Monday night’s edition of The Ridiculist, in which he addressed all of the “Halloween haters” for ruining Courtney’s “innocent fall fun” with her 51-year-old husband, Doug Hutchinson.

“It is real simple: If you don’t want to see a scantily clad 17-year-old making out with her 51-year-old husband, maybe you shouldn’t go to a pumpkin patch.”

Of course, none of Anderson’s defense was actually serious (we hope). But it’s still funny, and still worth checking out. Watch it now in the video above.