Boyz II Men on Justin Bieber’s Staying Power & Their Return to R&B

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It’s been nine years since we last heard new tracks from the perfectly harmonized R&B group Boyz II Men, but the wait is finally over! Their highly anticipated album Twenty was released a day early on Oct. 24 and the public is taking notice with the record already climbing the charts at a rapid rate. 

From Justin Bieber to Beyonce Knowles, you’d be hard pressed to find a musician that hasn’t been influenced by the group! Celebuzz caught up with the guys at Perez Hilton’s One Night in NYC event this past week to chat about their return to the studio, and we even got a one-on-one with Nathan Morris who talked about working with the likes of the Biebs and Beyonce! 

When asked at the event what old and new fans can expect from the album, the Boyz answered excitedly: 

“Where we’ve been, where we are, and where we hope to be. We accomplish all that in our album. We wanted to give everybody, all of those who remember who we are, a little bit of nostalgic. And for those who don’t know who we are at all, a little bit of history. We try to cover all the bases.”

In addition to getting their own album out, the guys managed to find time to help a fan out with his holiday album. The group has collaborated with Justin Bieber on his song “Falalalala.” Nathan wanted to set the record straight about the 17-year-old singer (who grew up on Boyz II Men’s music), saying of the teen heartthrob: 

It was great. … I don’t think that this guy is just a fad, I think the guy is really talented and can really sing, and I think that is important for people to know about him and the reason why we worked with him was not just because he was a Boyz II Men fan, but because creatively and musically, he’s talented. We don‘t like to work with people who aren’t talented. … I mean, he is a reflection of what R&B and pop music when taught the right way can be.”

The Biebs isn’t the only one seeking out the Boyz for help on a track or two. Beyonce also sampled from the group for her song “Countdown.” Boyz II Men actually had Destiny’s Child open up for them on the girl group’s first tour and Nathan told Celebuzz that they “kind of helped them through the ropes a tad bit.” He said of working with the Queen B: 

“We knew something was going to happen, we just didn’t know what. So once it did, we were kind of prepared for that and we love her. … I mean what’s happening for her couldn’t happen to a better person whether it’s her child, her family, or the music. She deserves everything she gets.”

Considering their respect in the music industry, it does beg the question: Why have we waited nine years for a new album?! “We were going to try this maybe four or five years ago, but we just felt like the music industry wasn’t ready for the type of music that we do,” Nathan admitted.

“We have to stand for what we believe in, and we believe in R&B music, and we almost feel like we have to force it to some people because the audience thinks that half of the samples they hear in other songs, are the original artist, and those are myths that we have to dispel so the younger world will understand where music really comes from.”

Boy II Men’s Twenty is now available on iTunes and Wal-Mart. Check out their website, mobile app and Twitter to see where the Boyz are off to next!