Is Kelly Clarkson a Miss Know It All About Herself? (VIDEO)

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Kelly Clarkson's newest album Stronger drops today (Tuesday), and while the first single "Mr. Know It All" is a smash, we wanted to know how much Kelly knows -- about herself!

That's right, we quizzed KC on some fun facts about herself, such as some musical records she's broken, other artists that have name dropped her in songs, and much more!

(Believe it or not, she does pretty well!)

Check out the video above!

Want more on Kelly? Watch THIS video where she spills all her favorites! From songs to video games, find out what Kelly loves.

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  • Jenny

    I still love her music. Check out her latest photoshoot here

  • JC.A

    hola mi gente ,love my pipuuuuuu.

  • Monica Cyr
    Monica Cyr

    She is an amazing artist! Love her! And she seems just so humble and "regular" in a great way of course.. haha.

  • chriss

    Kelly Clarkson is just too adorable. Thanks for this video. I have never seen it before. She is an amazing artist, and my favorite singer.