Lindsay Lohan to Pose For Playboy?

Lindsay through the years
Lindsay Lohan's Style Evolution

Lindsay Lohan might be looking to relieve some possible financial pressure by posing for Playboy magazine. Sources tell that the embattled actress was looking to pose for the nudie magazine for $1 million! 

However, according to the tabloids source, Hugh Hefner has talked her down below her asking price and Lilo is now ready to sign the dotted line. When TMZ attempted to confirm the report with Lilo's rep, they answered, "I can neither confirm or deny at this time."

A spokesperson for Playboy was not available for comment. Lindsay has made quite a bit of court appearances in the last year, thus probably racking up a decent amount of legal bills. 

Her most recent appearance in court being when she violated her probation, and was put in handcuffs following the proceeding. 

“I am revoking her probation. I am also setting bail at $100,000. If Miss Lohan bails out … [she must complete] a minimum of 16 hours at the morgue. That’s two days a week before now and the hearing date,” Judge Stephanie Sautner told Lindsay. Lilo's bail money was put up and she was released, and she's since been spotted heading to the morgue to complete her 16 hours.  

The next hearing date is scheduled for Nov. 2.



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  • Jadey

    A little OTT with the bronzer, but still a pretty picture.

  • Dave

    She looks a lot more unhappy here.

  • boohoo

    lol what a mess

  • justaguy

    She is smoking hot!

  • justaguy

    Hot, Hot, Hot

  • Mo

    she was so gorgeous here..

  • jake

    the one photo here where she doesn't look like she belongs at a train station

  • Nora

    She is beautiful

  • Nora

    None of you know what she went through. You cant judge her unless u were in her shoes and went through every single thing she went through! She didnt start smoking up cause it was "fun", she had her reasons, and we should respect that.

  • outlaw4728

    I figured she be doing this someday.

  • Vijay

    pretty??? wake up. She is not. She needs a life of right.

  • Vijay

    Please, wake up to the HOLY true. Wrong is what she is doing.

  • Vijay

    Everyone PLEASE wake up to the real thing. She is NOT pretty, and what she is doing is not right. Why? Do you think it is ok with GOD. Can she even pray and attend church. Sad to say this, she is on her way to hell. She has a life and selling it for money, sad,sad,sad.

  • Asad Butt
    Asad Butt

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  • danielleakame

    why couldn't she do it when she was still attractive. i hope they can Photoshop meth teeth out of the picture...she already has nudes online so why pay her to do it again? lol

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    She was an A list actress who ruined it all for a life of drugs and alcohol. Sad that now she needs to be nude in a magazine to make money since she isn't getting any great movie deals anymore.

  • ssstephanie

    now thats the lindsay i remember..loved that movie and I prolly still do!

  • ohoohoh

    yeah thats not nice. because she was pretty when she was like 16.

  • ssstephanie

    lindsay before the drugs..thats the lindsay i think we all liked. sigh

  • ohoohoh

    i would do it. i mean she only has a little dignity left so i would just use it.

  • Mnolte

    Celebbuzz!!! Forward my info to Lindsay asap please!! You may make the news but help her to have the option to get well too., thanks Mitzie Nolte..

  • Natalie NeverThink Nilsson
    Natalie NeverThink Nilsson

    friggin ugly phone or what she is holding XD

  • ssstephanie

    wow she actually looks pretty there

  • maxi

    haters, leave lindsay alone!!!! stay strong lindsay. i love you <3

  • JustMe

    She didn't have a chance in hell with the parents that she has. She needs someone to step in now and take contol the way the Spears family did with Britney,but that will never happen with Lindsey because they don't want anyone shitting in THEIR chili. It's so sad