Readers Respond: Will Lindsay Lohan Be a Good Playboy Model?

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Lindsay Lohan caused an internet uproar when rumors about the starlet posing for Playboy magazine surfaced this week. Both LiLo’s rep and Playboy have not confirmed the report, but Lindsay’s mom Dina Lohan is already gushing about her daughter’s debut in the risque magazine. 

“The photo shoot went well,” Dina recently told X17online

With so many questions still unanswered, we decided to hit our Facebook page to get our readers’ reactions on the matter! 

Like Mama Lohan, some fans were completely on board for Lindsay posing for Playboy:

Chelsey B. said: “Yes let her do what she wants!!”

Jorge D. wrote on Facebook: “Yes, she is extremely beautiful!”

Julius C. agreed: “Yeah why not. She is HOTT so why not get paid to show her skin.”

A very exited Justin T. posted: “YAY!!!!”

Trisha M. gave LiLo some words of encouragement: “Hell yes..shes beautiful, let her flaunt it and get paid too…u go girl..”

Meanwhile, some of our readers were not so enthusiastic about Lohan’s new gig:

Chris C. commented: “NOOOOOO!!! Keep that train wreck away from Playboy!”

Joni B. seemed disappointed in LiLo: “Honestly I’m tired of heating about lindsay and her stupid decisions.”

A flabbergasted Alithea W. commented: “You’ve got to be kidding! This girl is a hot mess.”

Juanita C. posted: “Eew! With all those freckles? I just puked.”

Chrystal R. was confused about Lindsay’s decision: “No, thought she wanted to be a serious actor, hows that going to help….hope she gets her teeth fixed first.”

Martha L. plainly said: “NO!!”

A few of you tried to employ logical sense:

Andie H. reasoned: “Oh, why not? It’s not like she’s got anything else going on.”

Biljana S. agreed: “She might as well…already made all the other wrong decisions, what’s one more mistake?!;)))”

What do you think about Lindsay stripping down for the magazine? Let us know and keep the debate going in the comments below!