Robert Pattinson Talks Marriage, Kids, & Divorce

'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' - Paris Premiere

Gotta love British humor! Robert Pattinson chatted with M6 in France and was asked if filming the wedding scene made him want to get married.

"I don’t know, I guess so," Rob responded. "I’ve always been … I’ve always like weddings. I haven’t been to many weddings. My older friends are starting to get married. It’s scary in some ways but I mean you can still get a divorce."

Hey- man has a point! Although if the lucky lady ends up being his real life love Kristen Stewart we're sure no divorce would be necessary!

The interviewer notes that you can't divorce kids, and Rob had a hilarious come back for that one, too:

"No you can’t, but you can have a lot of them so you can at least get a good one."

In all seriousness, Pattinson says he "definitely" wants kids though. 

"I’d love to have been able to do, to experience more things without being observed so much. But I’ve done things hardly anybody people my age have done so…It’s been an incredible life so far," Rob sad about Twilight helping him grow up.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 hits theaters November 18 so we can't wait for more R.Pattz!

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  • Tami

    Your worried about her fans because she gave the finger and smoked some pot in her front steps? Im sorry if I was going to be mad at someone it would be the stars that are getting drunk and driving, that are running around near naked, that are snorting pills. I don't think there is anything wrong with either of them, at the same time how can I when I don't know them. Don't bash one to save the other. If they are so inappropriate then it is up to the parent to not let their child see them. I would be more worried about what my kids are doing at school or friends houses than what they see people they will never meet doing.

  • anon207

    I completely agree... he seems to like the shock effect. Besides, I don't think he was stating that you should go into a marriage thinking about divorce, just that if things go horribly wrong, there is an option. Furthermore, I don't think he was talking about what he would do in his marriage, but he was speaking as the general "you" in hypothetical terms. I've never been married, but both my parents divorced when I was very young. And to be honest, I would have loved for them to be together when I was a child, but looking back, it would have been unhealthier to stay together and fight back and forth or just ignore the other person and having me and my sister in the middle of that.

  • Oh please
    Oh please

    reallyy? Is Kristen not the one who flirted with rob when she still had a boyfriend? Is she not the one who left her bf or supposedly cheated on him with rob? I dont think Rob is the problem here. He said himself he hates cheaters. Stop making him out to be a jerkoff. He is a gentlemen. He is not the one who smokes weed on his front steps and gives the finger for all his young fans to see and emulate. Stop trying to make Rob look bad the guy he never did anything to make him hated by anyone.

  • kvaughn75

    Kristen I'm sorry to hear about your situation but Rob isn't your husband. He's Rob. He loves to shock people and teases Kristen all the time. He's a goofball, and when feeling cornered or nervous often says things to deflect and distract if he's feeling a question is getting too personal. I call it verbal vomit. He tries to steer the discourse away from his relationship with Kristen and uses humor to do it. Perhaps in poor taste, I'm divorced as well,, but it's how he's always been. People need to stop reading into every little thing and take him so literally.

  • Jaimie

    kristen don't be stupid. don't marry that cheater. let some other bimbo be his baby maker for him. you deserve someone who loves you, isn't a drunk and won't constantly screw around on you. he's not worth it and his fans are miserable old bitches. walk away from him and don't let him back it. it will only end in heart ache for you down the road otherwise.

  • Kristen

    My ex husband said right before we got married "its sad knowing were going into this marriage knowing its going to end in divorce" it did and with a custody battle that cost ten grand. Kind of sounds what Rob is saying especially with the kids but when are these young girls going to start taking what these future husbands say before they get married seriously? They arent fooling around girls they mean what they say its a warning and if something seems wrong it is.

  • dory

    Rob can bite my neck anytime

  • chris

    Rob is always so funny and charming