‘Shore’ Star Nicole Polizzi Calls Snooki Her Alter Ego ‘Party Side’ (VIDEO)

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The TODAY show correspondent Matt Lauer interviewed a more subdued Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi on Tuesday morning that fans of the Jersey Shore may not be used to seeing, especially if they witnessed the reality star’s antics in Florence, Italy! 

Snooki woke up before noon to promote her new book Confessions of a Guidette and in turn made a confession of her own. She told Matt that who we see on the Shore isn’t who Nicole really is. She even referred to her nickname “Snooki” as being associated with her alter ego, or her “party side.”

So what is this side we don’t see of Snooki?

Dressed in somewhat business casual attire, the reality star referred to herself as a “soft, calm, business ready person.” As for her alter ego, she told Matt: 

“Snooki is definitely not a role model. She’s just there to have fun and just live her life.”

She added, “I could be a role model. … I’m strong, independent … lovable.” Which ego do you prefer: Snooki or Nicole? Sound off in the comments!