American Invasion! Graffiti6 Frontman Jamie Scott Reveals Next Single & His Celeb Crush!

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While national security is high, we’re happy to let UK-based Graffiti6 cross the border!

With his sweet falsetto, smooth pop/rock sounds and good looks (plus his swoon-worthy British accent),  frontman Jamie Scott is on the rise.

After the success of “Stare Into the Sun” — the very first song he wrote with producer/bandmate TommyD – Graffiti6 is making a splash Stateside. He talks to Celebuzz about the next single, the new album, and his celebrity crush!

How did Graffiti 6 come to be?
Graffiti6 is a collaboration of myself and Tommy D. who is the producer. We got together because we had a mutual friend … We get along really well. We colaborated for “Stare into the Sun” which was the first song we’ve ever written.

You just filmed the video for your next single, “Free.” How does that video differ from the “Stare into the Sun”?
It’s completely different. It’s really cool and the story centers around the meaning of the song, with a love interest involved.

Did you get to cast the lucky lady yourself?
No I didn’t actually, but she was beautiful so it was fine.

Are you single or seeing someone?
I’m single at the moment and that’s partly because I have no time to do anything besides breathe and do music. So right now, music is my love interest.

If you could cast your next video with a celebrity crush, who would it be?
Mila Kunis!

How would you describe the soudn and feel of the record?
The record is out in January. I’d say that the record is its hard to describe because its an eclectic album, and it captures a lot of the differences that myself and Tommy both have. I’m kind of the folk-blues songwriter and he’s the production songwriter point of view with more hip hop, so it kind of met in the middle somewhere and thats where the album falls.

Where are you touring right now?
We go to Amsterdam and Holland next week and then we come back at the end of November to play two dates in Vegas and then a full tour in December.

Who would you say are your biggest influences?
Personally, song-writing wise, I would say Carole King, Jamie Mitchell, modern day more people like Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley. Singing-wise I would have to say soul records my dad use to play like Marvin Gay, Stevie Wonder, those kind of singers are what I grew up on.

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