Anne Hathaway Sports Hipster Glasses in NYC (PHOTOS)

Watch out for the hipster! Oh wait, it's just Anne Hathaway!

The actress, who is set to play Catwoman in next year's The Dark Knight Rises, was seen trying to get a cab in NYC's Soho neighborhood on Wednesday.

While we like Anne's outfit, we feel like the seriously hipster glasses were a little ill-advised, and don't go along with the rest of the outfit.

We like her much better when she's effortlessly chic on the red carpet, much like when she attended the One Day premiere recently. Check out the photos below.

What do you think of Anne's glasses? Cute? Or trying too hard? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Zoe

    lol i was likee rightt after her. jelous ..??

  • kamipj786

    She is a bitch .. I used to take her as a perfect cute princess.. but what she did in LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS.. she showed her boobs.. that was the moment i started hating this women .. Yuck u suck now bitch !! i have no respect for you. Shush !!

  • dommy

    i love anne hathaway....she finally did fet a bf