Jessica Simpson Bump Watch: Is She or Isn't She? (PHOTOS)

As the world waits for some kind of announcement regarding Jessica Simpson's current reproductive status, the pop star turned fashion mogul isn't doing much to cover up in order to avoid further speculation.

Simpson continued her whirlwind tour of New York City on Tuesday, and in the evening was photographed heading into dinner wearing a tight form-fitting black number that seemed to accentuate what many think is a baby bump. Aside from a red shawl that she occasionally dangled in front of her, Simpson walked into the restaurant with no real sense of secrecy.

It's this newfound openness with little attempt to cover up that has many speculating that an announcement is impending, but so far this week's magazines have nothing of the sort.

Simpson delayed her marriage to fiance Eric Johnson abruptly this summer, claiming that the two were having differing views of what they wanted their wedding to be. Since then, she and her family have stayed mum about all things marriage and baby.



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  • hap

    Maybe she's pregnant and maybe she's just getting fatter than she normally is. She is definitely ugly, however. No question about that.

  • Tina M Whitman
    Tina M Whitman

    And there's doubt she's preggo because...

  • Anonymous

    Probably the ugliest fat blonde on the planet.

  • Dhamma

    here you can see she's wearing some high waisted pants - probably maternity jeans or something like that

  • Laura Mayancela
    Laura Mayancela

    She IS NOT FAT.That is a baby!And does she really think that by wearing black all of the time it makes it invisible.

  • danielleakame

    cheese and rice! she is pregnant! come on!

  • kewlgirl

    oh yea....thats surely some kinda bumb

  • Missy Groome
    Missy Groome

    I say she is fat and if by chance she is pregnant god help the child,maybe it will taste like chicken

  • Cathy

    Its official people. She announced it during her interview i think the video is still up.

  • Laura

    Maybe its fake, maybe she is trying to pull a fast one? This girl is definitely preggers. Probaby due March

  • Amy Ledbetter Wooldridge
    Amy Ledbetter Wooldridge

    Seriously? Who cares if she is or isn't. If she's milking this for publicity then shame on her. If she isn't, then she wants some privacy.

  • AR

    Why does it look square?? Lol.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    Please stop with the is she or isn't she already! She obviously is!

  • AlaBella

    Is there really any doubt left? Because that looks nothing like bloating