Selena Gomez Shows Her Puppy Love With New Pooch (PHOTOS)

Celeb Dogs: Guess Who?
Which famous person do these pooches belong to?
Seriously, Selena Gomez’s new dog is so cute it’s not even fair to the rest of us who can only sit back and look at photos of the adorableness.

Selena was spotted taking a walk and dodging the rain with Baylor — the dog she and Justin Bieber picked up this weekend — safely secured in her arms. With his baby-blue eyes peering forward as Selena marched towards her tour bus in Toronto, it’s clear that even though they’ve been together for just a few days, Selena and Baylor are already inseparable.

Selena has been battling some health issues lately, and thankfully Baylor has put her at ease a bit. On Tuesday, she posted a photo on Instagram with the caption:

“After 12 hours of medicine, tea, 1374 cans of soup and throwing up right when I get off stage ending my night with Baylor watching friends is perfect. I can’t thank you enough London for tonight I’m so sorry I was sick. I love you guys so much ”

The pic showed her curled up in bed with her new canine BFF.