The One Minute Buzz: Hot Couple Alert, Baby Rumors & Halloween Costumes! (VIDEO)

Jessica's Bump
Is Jessica Simpson pregnant?
Amanda's Puppy Love
Seyfried takes her adorable dog for a walk.
Celebuzz Costume Guide
Get ideas for a celebrity costume this Halloween!
Because every second counts, Celebuzz is the only place where you can get a week’s worth of the biggest celebrity stories in one minute! We’re saving you time by serving up the hottest news with the quickness.

In this rapid-fire news wrap, it’s all about making the most of the time you have.

This week, we talk to In Time star Amanda Seyfried, who reveals the painful side of being an action star!

Plus, we dive into the romantic lives of Hollywood’s hottest new couple – Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively!

With Halloween coming up, we’re sharing some of our favorite pics of celebs dressed as other celebs, a slew of stars at the pumpkin patch, and we’re asking you to tweet us @CELEBUZZ to weigh in on the ultimate ghoul battle royal: who would win, a vampire, a zombie or a werewolf?

You’ll also find a recap of the most popular pics, from Kim Kardashian’s birthday celebration to Ashley Tisdale in a bikini!