‘Zoolander’ vs. ‘Dumb and Dumber’: Which Sequel Do You Want to See More? (POLL)

'Zoolander 2'?
Ben Stiller & Justin Theroux penned a script.
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Wednesday was a big day for possible sequels of classic comedies!

Not only did Ben Stiller reveal that he had penned a script for Zoolander 2 (with Justin Theroux no less), but it was also reported that the Farrelly Brothers are looking to bring back their beloved comedy Dumb and Dumber, starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. Though it’s been 10 years since Zoolander’s theatrical release and 17 since Dumb and Dumber, there is still the huge chance that these films could be box office gold.

While nothing is confirmed in either of these cases, it sure is fun to think about isn’t it?

Celebuzz wants to know, are you itching for a Lloyd and Harry road tripping to Aspen reunion? Or are you pulling for Zoolander and Hansel to take on Mugatu once again?

Cast your vote in the poll! And just for fun, check out some hilarious scenes from each film below!

Mock! Yeah! Ing! Yeah! Bird! Yeah!

Orange mocha frappucino! (PS, check out Alexander Skarsgard!)